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March 28, 2012
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Korra _ Firebending training with Azula by kelly1412 Korra _ Firebending training with Azula by kelly1412
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Is that only me, or someone else also want to see how TLOK is related with ATLA, it just made me so sad knowing that all those awesome characters are not living any more...

I was doodling korra while missing those characters... then, somehow end up this piece: Korra's firebending training... with Azula. I know it's impossible, but it really doesn't matter cuz I just want to see it (I want to see korra in Fire Nation old style outfit as well!). Don't take it seriously~

From ep2, we can see that although Korra can bend three elements in her early age, she's not fully master them. She needs some advanced training. And I think her best fire bending teacher should be Azula. Not only because she's a fire bending prodigy, but also consider their personality: Korra is implusive energetic and unpatient, while Azula on the opposite, composed, sober-mind, and carefully plan every movement. If we leave the bad-good issue, I think Azula is the perfect teacher for training the young Avatar. It would be interesting to see how they would interactive with each other.

Apparently, this is not gonna to happen, because they live in different timeline. So let's ignor the age issue. Azula is about 26,27 here, cus I want to make her more look like a master (Wait...master Azula?... now this sounds wierd...), while Korra is a bit younger than she is in the show.

Paint tool Sai, Wacom ET-0507, 5 hours.
Azula_Avatar: the last Airbender @2008, Nickelodeon
Korra_Avatar: the Legend of Korra @2012, Nickelodeon
Art by Kelly1412 @2012

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cuz this is the version for outside DA, thank you.

If you prefer to see Azula bending blue fire, please check it out as well~
Azula solo (with blue fire and more details)


one more verion, with different style

some other fanart for Korra:

some other fanart for older Azula:


----------------- some "non-sense" additions-----------------

You may notice that Azula is bending colorful fire here, and she dosen't ware her princess hair artifact.(This version only avalible in DA). Here is my headcanon story behind it, just a very brife outline of what happened to Azula afterward, again, just for fun and self-statisfication, don't take it seriously:

A month after Zuko's coronation, a king from north-east Earth kingdom (My OC "Lin Qi"_蔺碁, nick name "Rock Dragon") paid a visit to fire nation. He not only congratulated new firelord Zuko but also offered him a deal: An agreement of forever peace between his land and fire nation to trade Azula's freedom. Although no one knows why he ask for this, Zuko has no choice but to accept it to secure his kingdom. However he asked Aang to take Azula's bending away before she left Fire Nation.

King Lin Qi brought Azula back to his teritory. He tried many ways to treat her mental danmage but little help. Knowing her bending ability had been took away, Azula fell into even deeper depression. until one day, Lin Qi heard the legend of sun warriors, and brought Azula to the dragon "ran" and "shao", where she was cured completely and miraculously learnt how to bend colorful fire. Those warmest flame melted the block deep in her heart and the true meaning of fire also helped her repenting herself.

Azula never returned Fire Nation after that, she cut off all relations with the fire nation royal family and rarely use fire bending again. She donated rest of her life to the Earth Kingdom, helped the man, who had saved her from death and promised her a lifetime love, to administer their land.

* I'm not gonna to write all the story, but maybe I'll bring some drawing or a short comic late on.
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Actually it is possible (if Azula wasn't crazy) to train with her, if she had a Change of heart (bigger than the Grinch's). Which could explain a way Azula entered the spirit world, and since the world are connected now, all she (Azula) would need to do is find another alibi…and bam…"new person/spirit" on the block……I'm thinking a bit to into it…aren't I?
bubblybumblebee1 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I can totally see this to be honest.
I love the idea of a (finally) at peace azula.
I love your pictures! They are awesome. I love thae wayAzula looks(dknt know why realy), but now I began to understand her personality a bit, I think because I was interested by Loki, who has a similar character. I thought, what if Azula could find an enough friendly contact with Avatar and Zuko.
amayaangeline Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow great idea! XD
ThePerrperr Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
actually, Zuko is still alive in Legend of Korra
noe-chii Dec 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
<font><font>asdfasdfasdfasdf *</font></font>
Kimiko-Mazuki Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your lineart:love:
Awesome picture. The rainbow-colored fire in Azula's hand was a nice touch, giving off the impression she was never evil in the first place.
FudgeNugget Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, someone traced your art:… ;3;
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